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September 1st 2018

Almost a year ago today, this site closed down while preparations for Hurricane Irma were being made. What was believed to be a temporary closure turned into a year of change and the inability to reopen. InspirationMotivation.com was born in 1999 at just around the same time of year. This is the first time it has been closed since then.

Sometimes things happen that we can't forsee or possibly plan enough for. This was one of those events. We have temporarily limted the items for sale for now but some things will be back soon as we are still in the process of moving inventories to the new location. Once we make our way back to where we left off, there are plans ahead to radically change the function of the site and what it has to offer. That is, God willing, as we never know what tomorrow may bring.

For now we are thrilled to be back open at all! Thank you for your patience and patronage. We will continue to put serving you at the top of our priorities for as long as we are open under any circumstances.

Wanda Hope Carter

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