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Dear Ms Carter, Thank you so much for the ABCs. I have treasured them for over a decade on my home office wall. When I hit an issue that I struggle with I go down the list and use the ones that help me through it. I am opening a small store in my town in January. I am going to put one behind the register for people to read while they are standing there and one in my private space. They have truly been a blessing in my life.
Advril M, Self Employed
I want to give To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs a rating of 1000 not 10! My mother bought me a copy when I was in high school and it helped me keep focused on what is important when most of my friends were messing around and not serious about their future. I came here today to buy one for my own daughter now. I know they will help her as much as they did me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't know where I would be without them.
Tammy Porter
The gym I work out at has an ABC poster and I've memorized it. It has been a real life changer. Thank you.
Marshall Thompson
I have used the ABCs for coaching for over twenty years. They have helped the players on my basketball team considerably. When I want one of them to remember a certain one from the sidelines I yell it to them. Remember G! Remember M! Remember Q! Remember V! Those are the ones I yell out most often. Thank you for helping our team to be better and for teaching these fine young people how to make their dreams come true. I came here today to buy another copy for my nephew. I could put hand outs to a good use if you have any. Thanks again, Coach Bob
Bob Tamarind
Thank you for the ABCs. I first saw them on the back of a bathroom door at a friend's house in 2004. I remember reading each one and my mind said yes, YES! after every line.

I was feeling very depressed and I hate to tell you this but suicide had crossed my mind several times. I don't think I would have done it but that's just to say I was in a very bad place in life. Nothing was going right for me and I had lost everything that mattered.

I found out where she got the poster and got one for myself that weekend. I started reading them every morning. During the day when I started feeling stressed I would remember the ones that spoke to the occasion. Soon I started seeing things change in my life and a lot had to do with first following "A"

I worked on perfecting each line one at a time. It is funny how each line builds on the other instead of being random like I would have expected for something put into alphabetical order.

I read that the author said God gave her these ABCs to share and I believe it! Within three months I was turned around going in a new direction and I've never looked back.

When I moved last month I realized my poster was getting worn and I wanted a new one for my new home. This time I am going to frame it. It's a keeper!

Thank you and thank God for the ABCs.
Tazmine Johnson

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