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Butterfly Plaque by Abbey Press

Butterfly Plaque by Abbey Press
Price: $22.19



General Description

  • Ready to Hang
  • Colorfully Printed Facing
  • "1.2" H x 10.72" L x 9.25" W"
  • (1.03 lbs) 
  • EAN: 0095177366059
  • Publisher: Abbey Press
  • Pub. Date: January 1, 2011


Helpful Tips

Get The Most Out Of This Plaque

"Be a butterfly spread your wings and whatever life brings, be true to you- be you-nique.

Let the Lord guide you to the beauty inside you, and you'll find the joy that you seek."

Product History

About the Manufacturer

Abbey Press Printing is a full-service commercial printing company, owned and operated by Saint Meinrad Archabbey, a Benedictine monastery located in southern Indiana. Started in 1867 when the monks purchased a small, secondhand printing press for their in-house needs, Abbey Press was soon fulfilling printing orders from the outside community. Since that time, Abbey Press has grown in size and expertise, offering the most up-to-date technology to see your project through from start to finish, with top-notch customer service along the way.

By supporting Abbey Press Printing, you’re also helping to support the monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey and the good works they perform within the Church and the community.

Saint Meinrad Archabbey

The Benedictine tradition came to the Midwest in the 1850s, when the Swiss Abbey of Einsiedeln sent two monks to Indiana to start a new foundation. They came here at the request of a local priest for assistance in addressing the pastoral needs of the growing German-speaking Catholic population and to prepare local men to be priests.

Originally, a wooden church was built in 1858, and a log cabin served as a school. Gradually over the next twenty-five years, the monks expanded and built new buildings at Saint Meinrad, including a new monastery. After a fire in 1867, plans were made for the construction of a new church, which began in 1899. With the combined skills of the monks and local craftsman, the new church construction was completed within eight years.

Today, the Benedictine community at Saint Meinrad consists of about 100 men who dedicate their lives to prayer and work. They gather in community five times a day—for morning prayer, noon prayer, evening prayer, compline (the final service of the day) and Mass—to pray for the Catholic Church and the world. Guests are welcome to join the monks in prayer in the Archabbey Church.

The monks live by the wisdom and guidance of the Rule of St. Benedict, the sixth-century instructions for community living written by St. Benedict. The community members of Saint Meinrad live by five basic practices derived from the Rule: prayer together, lectio divina (holy reading), work, community living and hospitality.

Shortly after arriving in Indiana, the Benedictines began offering high school courses to local youths. In 1861, the monks expanded their general courses to include undergraduate courses in philosophy and theology. Through these programs, the monks of Saint Meinrad began their mission of preparing men for service in the Catholic Church as priests. This mission continues today and has grown to include programs in deacon formation, lay ministry and youth and young adult formation, including the popular “One Bread, One Cup” summer conferences for high school students.



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