Van Gogh Series Thinking Outside Of The Box Greeting Cards

Van Gogh Series Thinking Outside Of The Box Greeting Cards
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Manufacturer: Cafe Press
Price: $4.19


Singles 5"x7"
10 Pack 5"x7" (+$16.80)
20 Pack 5"x7" (+$29.40)
Singles 7.8"x11" (+$2.80)
10 Pack 7.8"x11" (+$27.30)
20 Pack 7.8"x11" (+$35.70)


General Description

  • Individual Cards, 10 Packs and 20 Packs are Available in Two Sizes 5" W x 7" H and 7.8"W x 11"H
  • Twelve Point (120 lb) Glossy Card Stock
  • White Envelopes Included
  • Inside of Cards Read "I like the way you think outside of the box"
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • These mesmerizing "What Box?" Greeting Cards feature one of Wanda Hope Carter's favorite design concepts of taking a copyright free image of a Van Gogh painting and transforming elements of it in part or in whole into something completely different according to how she is inspired by the painting.

Helpful Tips

Creative Uses Of Your Greeting Cards

Celebrate those who think outside of the box! There are all sorts of occasions that these "Van Gogh Series - Thinking Outside of the Box" Greeting Cards would be perfect for: winning a competition, the conclusion of a successful project, finalizing a creative endeavor, entering a contest, opening a new business, beginning a school year or in response to any challenge surmounted or problem solved. You won't have trouble finding reasons to give them and they will be treasured by the recipient as a reward and reminder that some of the best ideas happen when we think outside of the box. Multi-packs are great for managers, teachers, coaches and anyone who might have numerous persons to praise and congratulate for their originality.

Product History

The Van Gogh Series - Thinking Outside of the Box

Thinking outside of the Box is based on Van Gogh's "Vase With Daisies and Anemones", painted in 1887 while Van Gogh was living in Paris with his brother Theo to save money.  It was during this time that he explored the radically new approach to art, Impressionism. At that time Impressionism represented thinking outside of the box in the art world. Although he would spend hours arguing in the cafes of Montmartre with the greats at that time such as Lautrec, Bernard, Pissarro, and of course his friend Gauguin, he eventually took some of their techniques and used them in a manner that developed into his own unique style. It was in Paris that Van Gogh's palette came alive.

The elements of this painting were also part of the inspiration for the image Wanda Hope Carter created from them on the topic of thinking outside of the box. In opposition to the box it contains a vase that is open and allows the transference of what is within to sustain and exchange with what is without. The flowers represent ideas that previously were contained in a fixed space, now released from their bounds where they can be rearranged, examined, admired and moved about by the one who possesses the vase.

She turned the image into a cosmic egg radiating that which is within to the outer realms. It sits on a stand to indicate the control of it. The pixelization was intensified to be representative of the coming together of the many small things that turn into the big picture, something that Van Gogh's painting technique utilizes in general. The white maze like lines that form the irregular and representative lack of a box space under the title on the cover is super imposed over the egg. This indicates that while we may somewhat compartmentalize our ideas, that they are better left open to freely flow.

Van Gogh has always been one of Wanda Hope Carter's favorite artists and after she visited Europe and traveled especially to Amsterdam to see his work in the Museums, he decidedly became her most favorite. Because of the turbulent times in her own life, she feels a connection to his troubled soul and how he reached out in unconventional methods to express the emotions that he found in all things around him.

She says of his paintings, "Van Gogh's paintings are mesmerizing when viewed in person. They are a shock to the soul. The intensity of each of the brush strokes cries out with profound sadness and pain or the pleading for salvation from them. I could barely tear myself away from the treasured time to gaze upon them with my own eyes. I was drawn into a world that I recognized where the stark reality of the imperfections of life seek to be seen and sympathized with. His subjects projected an underlying sadness if not utter madness yet they somehow presented themselves in a thing of beauty as the final outcome of the experience. This transformation process feels like what has happened to me along the way throughout my lifetime. To be able to reach into the pain and struggles of life itself and find a way to turn them into something that in the end will uplift every one they reach is what my work represents for me as well. I can't help but want to interact with his images and allow them to play in my own mind in a way that turns our combined darkness into a unique light. To use unconventional methods and create unexpected images from his work feels both appropriate and healing at the same time. The simplicity of each his brush strokes is deeply expressive and meaningful, and this reminds me of the lines in "To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs." But when combined, they collectively portray not only a stunning image but also a powerful message that touches souls and stirs the imagination. It is my hopes that the result of all of my work might do the same." 

The images found on her designs may include the painting in whole or in part. At times even tiny snippets of pixels may be all that are used. That it originates from something which speaks to her is what matters the most and that she takes it in to make it into something new that is solely of her own design is what makes it a tribute.



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