Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings by Ingo F. Walther - Hardcover

Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings by Ingo F. Walther - Hardcover
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  • 1.59" H x 10.26" L x 7.82" W 
  • (4.93 lbs) 
  • 740 pages
  • ISBN: 3822812153
  • This study of Vincent van Gogh represents a rare and happy chance in art history, combining a detailed monograph on his life and art with a complete catalogue of the 871 paintings by one of the greatest modern artists. This volume also reproduces most of van Gogh's paintings in colour for the first time.


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Van Gogh

Van Gogh has always been one of Wanda Hope Carter's favorite artists and after she visited Europe and saw large collections of his work in Amsterdam, he decidedly became her most favorite. Because of the turbulent times in her life she feels a connection to his troubled soul and how he reached out in unconventional methods to express the emotions that he found in all things.

She says of his paintings, "Van Gogh's paintings are mesmerizing when viewed in person. They are a shock to the soul. The intensity of each brush stroke cries out with profound sadness and pain or the pleading for salvation from them. I could barely tear myself away from the treasured time to gaze upon them with my own eyes. I was drawn into a world that I recognized where the stark reality of the imperfections of life seek to be seen and sympathized with and where at other times they are revered and even celebrated. His subjects project an underlying sadness if not utter madness yet they somehow presented themselves in a thing of beauty as the final outcome of the experience. This transformation process feels like what has happened to me along the way throughout my lifetime. To be able to reach into the pain and struggles of life and find a way to turn them into something that in the end will uplift every one they reach is what my work represents for me as well. I can't help but want to interact with his images and allow them to play in my own mind in a way that turns our combined experience with darkness into a unique light. To use unconventional methods and create unexpected images from his work feels both appropriate and healing at the same time. The simplicity of each brush stroke is deeply expressive and meaningful, and this reminds me of the lines in "To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs." But when combined, they collectively portray not only a stunning image but also a powerful message that touches souls and stirs the imagination. It is my hopes that the result of all of my work might do the same."




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