Van Gogh Series Visitors From A Starry Night Journal

Van Gogh Series Visitors From A Starry Night Journal
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Manufacturer: Cafe Press
Price: $15.99


Dot Grid
Task Journal


General Description

  • 5" W x 8" H
  • Filled with 160 Pages of 24 lb Bond Paper
  • Page Layout Choices: Blank, Dot Grid, Lined or Task Journal
  • Front Cover Made of 12 Pt Glossy Paper Laminated for Durability
  • Back Cover Made of Flexible Textured Black Plastic
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • This mesmerizing "Visitors From A Starry Night" Journal features one of Wanda Hope Carter's favorite design concepts of taking a copyright free image of a Van Gogh painting and transforming elements of it in part or in whole into something completely different according to how she is inspired by the painting.

Helpful Tips

Creative Uses of Your Journal

There are countless ways to use your "Visitors From A Starry Night" Journal. With such a mesmerizing cover to inspire your imagination and with so many choices of paper styles, you can easily choose which goals your journal will best help you to achieve or what kinds or ideas it will help you to log. No matter how it is used it will help you to keep up with the things going on in your life and to make your dreams come true!

Besides for regular journaling which is always helpful in keeping track of your thoughts and progress, the Lined Pages are also great for recipes, notes, reminders, poems, and of course listing your goals and the steps it takes to achieve them.

The Blank Pages can also be used like the lined pages to the advantage of those who prefer a more free form writing style and it is also helpful to the creative person who makes a variety of types of entries such as drawings, sketches, lists, and network charts. If used to track how you make your dreams come true, simple drawings can be a big help to your ability to visualize what it is you are aiming for.

Dot Grid Pages are a fantastic tool for those engaged in studies or professions that require more precise sketching such as in building, landscaping, interior design, graphic art or any endeavor that measuring or straight lines will be of help. The dots are readily visible yet faint enough to make writing notes over them non-distracting. Anyone with visual dreams to turn into reality will get good use out of this selection.

If a person is very organized and task oriented or in need of a combination of areas to take notes on, the Task Journal Pages offer a precise way to keep up. With lines to enter tasks, descriptions or dates, blank areas for free styling ideas or sketches along with a dot grid area this style of page will be of great help to keep it all together.

Whether this journal is a gift or for yourself, it will soon become a treasure not only for the inspiration found on the cover every time it is used, but also for the details and documentation that is left inside on your way to achieving your dreams.

Product History

The Van Gogh Series - Visitors From A Starry Night

"Visitors From a Starry Night" is inspired by and created from Van Gogh's infamous "Starry Night", painted in 1889 while he was voluntarily living in the asylum in Saint-Remy. That what may have been the most difficult year of his life drove him to produce perhaps his most famous and beloved painting, is a testament to the manner in which he chose to deal with his inner demons. During this time he became interested in painting the firmament and other nature scenes in a manner that sings praise to Creation. He utilized his visual imagery method to accomplish this work on the subject. Whether intentional or not it seems representative of his personal need to find the light in his own darkness. During this time not only did he discover the luminous power of darkness, he also found the essence of its very being to express in his unique developing brand of symbolism while juxtaposing its constancy balanced with flux and tapping its sheer vitality all at once.

The elements of Van Gogh's "Starry Nights" painting reminds Wanda Hope Carter of something that her mother has continually told her throughout her lifetime, that being to "Keep looking up!" Van Gogh's spectacular display of the stars lighting up the darkness to her represented the light of God that her mother was referring to with her reminder to look towards something higher and greater than oneself. Any contemplation of the heavenly skies brings to her mind anomalies that she has seen in the skies over the years. Today we look at the stars and wonder about the same natural and spiritual aspects that Van Gogh and his contemporaries did in his time. Now we have been exposed to the possibility that earth is being or has been visited by aliens to the point that it has become a mainstream subject of curiosity. This made her wonder if Van Gogh had seen unusual activity in the sky if he would have captured it with his paint brushes and canvases and that set her off her decision to create "Visitors From a Starry Night."

Using a picture of Van Gogh's painting, her design grew to include three central objects that were created into a shape that could be seen as either space ships or aliens depending on the observers own inner vision of them. Some have even said their view of the objects fluctuates between the two depending on which elements in the shapes they focus on. These central figures are surrounded by swirls of night and light which are translations of the swirling cosmos and the fluidity and denseness of space. The grid work becomes a net superimposed over the celestial elements to contain them away from us and separate them into sections of time and space because they are too vast for human kind to take in as a whole. The image is at once dreamy and detailed causing one to gaze with an active imagination to interpret the design. It speaks of the wonderment of the universe and the unknown secrets it contains.

Van Gogh has always been one of Wanda Hope Carter's favorite artists and after she visited Europe and saw large collections of his work in Amsterdam, he decidedly became her most favorite. Because of the turbulent times in her life she feels a connection to his troubled soul and how he reached out in unconventional methods to express the emotions that he found in all things.

She says of his paintings, "Van Gogh's paintings are mesmerizing when viewed in person. They are a shock to the soul. The intensity of each brush stroke cries out with profound sadness and pain or the pleading for salvation from them. I could barely tear myself away from the treasured time to gaze upon them with my own eyes. I was drawn into a world that I recognized where the stark reality of the imperfections of life seek to be seen and sympathized with and where at other times they are revered and even celebrated. His subjects project an underlying sadness if not utter madness yet they somehow presented themselves in a thing of beauty as the final outcome of the experience. This transformation process feels like what has happened to me along the way throughout my lifetime. To be able to reach into the pain and struggles of life and find a way to turn them into something that in the end will uplift every one they reach is what my work represents for me as well. I can't help but want to interact with his images and allow them to play in my own mind in a way that turns our combined experience with darkness into a unique light. To use unconventional methods and create unexpected images from his work feels both appropriate and healing at the same time. The simplicity of each brush stroke is deeply expressive and meaningful, and this reminds me of the lines in "To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs." But when combined, they collectively portray not only a stunning image but also a powerful message that touches souls and stirs the imagination. It is my hopes that the result of all of my work might do the same." 

The images found on her designs may include the painting in whole or in part. At times even tiny snippets of pixels may be all that are used. That it originates from something which speaks to her is what matters the most and that she takes it in to make it into something new that is solely of her own design is what makes it a tribute. 



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