1000 Cures for 200 Ailments: Integrated Alternative and Conventional Treatments for the Most Common Illnesses by Victor S Sierpina

1000 Cures for 200 Ailments: Integrated Alternative and Conventional Treatments for the Most Common Illnesses by Victor S Sierpina | InspirationMotivation.com
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  • Hardcover
  • 2.35" H x 9.42" L x 6.86" W
  • (3.84 lbs) 
  • 1008 pages
  • ISBN: 0061120294
  • Author: Victor S Sierpina
  • Pub. Date: February 27, 2007


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Alternative health practices have had a tradition of providing relief to people for hundreds--in some cases, thousands--of years, but doctors often suggest just one course of treatment, and you may not realize how many options are available. Here is the only all-in-one guide with professional medical advice from leading practitioners in five different fields--conventional medicine, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, herbalism, and naturopathy--on everything from aches and pains, sexual dysfunction, and the common cold to mind and spirit, anxiety, and general first aid. Compare traditional medicine side by side with four alternative treatments to decide what type of therapy best suits you and your family. This essential home reference offers information in symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment goals for the two hundred most common conditions, then provides advice from the five experts in an easy-to-read comparative format, along with key tips for prevention.

Whether you choose an alternative or conventional treatment for your ailment, the information here will let you take control of your health care and decide what path you want to take, so that you don't have to rely solely on the advice of your general physician or the misleading suggestions found on the Internet. This is the medical reference that no home should be without.


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About the Author

Dr. Victor S. Sierpina, MD, is Professor of Family Medicine with tenure at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas. He is the W.D. and Laura Nell Nicholson Family Professor of Integrative Medicine. He graduated from the University of Illinois Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine as a James Scholar in Independent Study and completed Family Practice Residency at MacNeal Memorial Hospital in suburban Chicago. Since medical school he has integrated holistic medicine, alternative therapies, and wellness promotion in primary care. He has been recognized for the past four years as one of the Best Doctors in the USA in Family Medicine. Dr. Sierpina is board certified by the American Board of Family Practice and the American Board of Holistic Medicine. He has practiced in a holistic health center, worked with a group specializing in home birth, and was medical director of a group practice and urgent care center in the Chicago area. Fulfilling a life dream, he practiced whole person medicine as "the Country Doc" in a remote town of 63 people in the mountains of Colorado. While there he was the medical director of the Monarch and Wolf Creek ski patrols and local ambulance services before joining the faculty of UTMB. His practice and his personal life have long included the study of tai chi, acupuncture, meditation, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, nutritional, herbal and mind-body approaches to health and healing. Dr. Sierpina was Principal Investigator on a $1.6 million National Institutes of Health grant to develop and evidence-based curriculum in alternative therapies. He is a collaborator on several other research projects at UTMB related to spirituality and CAM practices. He also is the recipient of a $1.35 million NIH Exploratory and Development Grant in Mind-Body Medicine to create an expanded research infrastructure in mind-body medicine at UTMB. He is the author of a textbook, Integrative Health Care: Complementary and Alternative Therapies for the Whole Person, and the consulting editor on the newly released 1000 Cures for 200 Common Ailments, as well as numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles and other publications in the field of integrative medicine. He is a reviewer for several medical journals, serves as an associate editor for Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, and is the Chair of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, a group of 39 US and Canadian academic centers with active programs committed to integrative medicine.



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