Believe In Yourself Rainbow Bumper Sticker

Beleive In Yourself Rainbow Bumper Sticker
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Manufacturer: Cafe Press
Price: $4.89



General Description

  • 10" W x 3" H
  • Printed on 4 Mil Vinyl
  • Water and UV Fade Resistant Ink
  • Strong Adhesive Backing
  • Large Enough to be Seen From Afar
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • This unique "Believe In Yourself Rainbow" Bumper Sticker is a Wanda Hope Carter design featuring a line from her best selling creation, "To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs," on an image created from one of her rainbow photos.

Helpful Tips

Where and how to display your bumper sticker

Bumper stickers aren't just for bumpers anymore! They also look great on filing cabinets, lockers, notebooks, cork boards, covering up rusty spots on old refrigerators, instrument cases, luggage, and skate boards, or just about any place that you can imagine sticking them.

With this bright inspirational "Believe In Yourself Rainbow" Bumper Sticker, not only will you be reminding yourself of your own empowerment but you will be sending a positive message to all that come into its view. With this sticker you will really help to spread the magic that always happens when people believe in themselves!

If placed on a vehicle extend its durability by including it in your regular cleaning and waxing.

Product History

Believe In Yourself

"Believe In Yourself" is the "B" line from "To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs."

In 1991 when Wanda Hope Carter came up with the collection of inspiring and motivating lines included in "To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs," it was to help herself through a difficult time in her life. They came to her over a period of time as answers to prayers for guidance through various circumstances and challenges that she faced. Finally she wrote them down and invented a title in order to share them with her family and friends. Her mother suggested that she send a copy to Dear Abby. She did and to her surprise several months later they were published and shortly after that she was offered the opportunity to turn them into posters available in department stores. Since then they have reached millions of people worldwide.

Her "ABCs" have been published four times by major poster publishers since 1992. They have sold nearly four million copies including the Spanish version "Para Lograr Tus Suenos Recuerda El Alfabeto." An "ABCs" poster was used on the TV set of "Sister Sister," included in a "Wife Swap" episode and in a Disney "Lizzie Maguire" movie set. The words also appear on the book jacket of "The Living Dreamer" by Brett Angelson, and in "You Can Make Your Dreams Come True" by David T Perry. It has been published twice in Dear Abby, once as the original letter Wanda Hope Carter sent to her and once under a "Best of Dear Abby" column by the request of a reader. "To Achieve Your Dreams Remember Your ABCs" has been and still is featured on a wide variety of websites with the Author's permission and is the subject of many products on the market and those that are exclusively available throughout this website.

Wanda Hope Carter is also working on a book about her "ABCs" that includes stories about her life, letters from people who have used them as well as helpful tips about how to put them to work in your own life. If you have a success story or any other account of how you use the "ABCs" or photographs of product images in use, we would be happy to receive them  "HERE"  for consideration of publication.

These "ABCs" are sure to inspire, motivate and facilitate many dreams coming true!



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